Vukuzakhe clinic working towards improvement

TAC Mpumalanga has recognized that the Vukuzakhe clinic, in Pixley kaSeme municipality, has been subjected to substandard operating conditions. This clinic, serving over 20,000 people, has suffered from over-crowding, long patient wait times, dirty facilities, lack of security, and patients being denied access to treatment. To combat these issues, the TAC wrote letters to the facility manager and primary health care manager, and conducted a civil society meeting which took place this past Wednesday, 23 July 2014.

In response to this meeting and the letters, the Provincial Department of Health has committed:

  • To dispatch a senior person to work with operational manager for three months to assist her with operations
  • To develop a plan to assist the facility to perform better

Furthermore, the security management has promised to better monitor the security personnel, and a more organized plan has been developed for cleaning personnel and staff scheduling.

To ensure that improvements are made, the TAC will meet with facility management on a monthly basis to assess the renovations. However, improvement is contingent upon consistent pressure to demand better services. Therefore, the TAC expands an invitation to Ward communities to embark on a campaign to monitor and fix health care in this facility.

21 July Civil Society Meeting

21 July Civil Society Meeting