TAC WC taking a moment of silence for ‘Mdu’ at their Khayelitsha march!

On the 27th March 2014 more than 700 TAC WC members including community members and partners marched to Khayelitsha hospital due to ongoing problems around health care service delivery.  Despite numerous meetings and engagements with Khayelitsha hospital and a march in August 2013 we continue to have community members coming to TAC offices complaining about poor treatment and care.

TAC gathered new testimonials of people’s experiences of bad service and some of the complaints included that there are a few procedural issues like patients not being properly discharge, opening new folders every time patients come to the hospital, problems in triage, shortages of beds, hygiene, health care workers that sleeps on duty and security staff not allowing anyone to come with patients even when they need assistance.

Some of our demands included the fact that we wanted ill treatment of patients at Khayelitsha hospital to be stopped immediately, we demanded that all staff including securities at the hospital wear name tags, and that those staff members that are guilty of misconduct, irrespective of who they are be disciplined and that the process must be open and transparent.

Our memorandum was handed over to Mr Anwar Kharwa, CEO of Khayelitsha District Hospital.