WC Report about poor quality of service at Mathew Goniwe Clinic

Matthew Goniwe Clinic: Case study!! Introduction: On the 16 October 2014, TAC Masimanyane branch and different stake holders organised a successful protest to communicate serious problems experienced by Makhaza community. Background and the timeline: On the 04 May 2014 20 patients complained about the early closure of the pharmacy at the clinic and when the clinic… Read More


ATTENTION: HEALTH REPORTERS / NEWS EDITORS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 09th October 2014 POOR SERVICE DELIVERY MARCH IN MATHEW GONIWE CLINIC We hereby invite representative of the media to cover the POOR SERVICE DELIVERY MARCH IN MATHEW GONIWE CLINIC, hosted by Treatment Action Campaign Masimanyane Branch,The march will start at Somerset Taxi rank to Tutu Avenue… Read More

TAC WC taking a moment of silence for ‘Mdu’ at their Khayelitsha march!

On the 27th March 2014 more than 700 TAC WC members including community members and partners marched to Khayelitsha hospital due to ongoing problems around health care service delivery.  Despite numerous meetings and engagements with Khayelitsha hospital and a march in August 2013 we continue to have community members coming to TAC offices complaining about… Read More

Western Cape National Day of Action against stock-outs!

TAC Western Cape demands an end to stock-outs Approximately 2,000 people marched in Cape Town yesterday (Thursday September 12) in support of the Treatment Action Campaign’s (TAC) National Day of Action Against Stock – outs. Simultaneously TAC also marched in Limpopo, Mpumalanga, the Free State and in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Marches in Gauteng and the Eastern… Read More

Problems at the Khayelitsha Hospital TAC confronts the hospital management.

KHAYELITSHA 14AUGUST: 500 TAC activists braved the cold weather on Wednesday to march to Khayelitsha Hospital to deliver a memorandum to the CEO, Mr Anwar Kharwa, following a numerous complaints and grievances from patients accessing hospital services. The activists demanded better quality treatment and care from staff, an increase in the number of hospital beds… Read More

TAC gives back to the community on Mandela day.

The Khumbulani Children’s Place of Safety in Khayelitsha is truly a safe haven for thirteen special children. Parentless, left without biological guidance, this orphanage hosts children in the loving care of Mama Nombuzo and her daughter-in-law Limise. A portion of the children at the orphanage are infected with HIV and are luckily treated with the… Read More

Mindsets against VMMC are changing, according to the latest radio slot Andile held

About 95% of those calling into Andile Madondile’s show discussing VMMC on Monday showed strong support for his effort to educate the community on the vital health issues surrounding the controversial topic. While VMMC encountered strong opposition when it was first introduced last year, the community seems to be warming up to the idea, and… Read More

In Khayelitsha’s taverns, condom distribution provides the first line of defense

Drinking establishments known as shebeens pose a high risk for the transmission of HIV, research shows. Alcohol use has been associated with a larger number of sexual partners for both men and women, and an increased incidence rate of unprotected vaginal intercourse. The dim lighting and intimate atmosphere in shebeens contributes to a sense of… Read More

Follow up meeting with the CEO Anwar Kharwa of the Khayelitsha hospital. Khayelitsha met up with the CEO of the Khayelitsha hospital for a report back after TAC brought forward 30 testimonials taken from patients that experienced horrible service from the hospital.  Mr Anwar Kharwa, the CEO of the hospital met with us on Monday… Read More