Mlulani Gagu found guilty at Khayelitsha magistrate’s court

The Treatment Action Campaign Western Cape is delighted with the Khayelitsha magistrate’s court ruling and sentencing of Mlulani Gagu who was found guilty of raping seven girls over a period of two years.   Gagu’s victims included girls between the ages of 8-12 years old. He has been sentenced to three life terms in prison and he was also found guilty and sentenced to four years for sexually grooming and showing pornography to the children.

This is a case that came to TACs attention in middle 2010 with the TAC attending the first court hearing on the 15th July 2010.  We have consistently supported and followed the case and has been organizing protests at all the court hearings.  One of the TAC Khayelitsha objectives is to monitor criminal justice cases, especially cases that involves rape and gender based violence.

The ruling and sentencing of Gagu send a tough message that criminal activities are not tolerated and law will take its course.  The ruling and sentencing is also a lesson to many other perpetrators who commit crimes against children and women in particular.

TAC is happy that justice has finally been served.