Violent teenage boy beats his parents, TAC Mariveni intervened

On July 19, Mariveni branch had a Gender-Based Violence (GBV) campaign at Shipungu village. The Stats from Ritavi SAPS indicated that Shipungu village has reported several cases relating to GBV. Every month, about three (3) cases of GBV are reported by residents of this village. TAC Mariveni Branch resolved to do door-to-door campaign in order to create awareness of GBV at Shipungu village. During door-to-door, members of the branch identified several challenges. Out of these challenges, three were referred to the local social worker based at Mariveni clinic.

Three main challenges identified
• A teenage boy (about 16-years-old) was allegedly beating his parents and siblings, demanding money to buy alcohol and tobacco. He was doing this often and sometimes the family had to sleep in the neighbours fearing for their lives. He was also causing problems from the school where he attends and the School had to suspend him because of his violent behaviour.
• A man age 50, was allegedly being beaten by his wife, the wife also took family money which was supposed to buy groceries and basic family needs and she allegedly used it for in playing cards.
• The branch identified a person with disability who has always been locked in the house. It has also been indicated that sometimes he was left without in that house without food for the whole day.
The branch had referred all these challenges to the local social worker.

A follow up campaign
On 16 August the branch had a follow up campaign, of GBV at the same village. This was to make a follow-ups on three challenges mentioned above. The following were the successes of the branch over the case reported above:
• The social worker manage to transfer the person with disability to place of safety
• Also the teenage boy who was troubling his family has gone back to school and has changed his behaviour. This was confirmed by his parents and he is now under the monitoring of social worker.
The branch will continue make a follow-up on the third case as on the day of the campaign the alleged victim was not reachable as we was at work at that time.

Branch achievements
Through our educational work we are conducting in this village, we can confidently say that we are working towards a positive change at Shipungu village. Social worker had indicated that since our campaign she has registered about eight (8) new cases of domestic violence from the residents of Shipungu village.

Blog post Jimmy Mongwe, TAC Mopani Community Health Advocate
Edited by Adam Malapa, TAC Mopani Communications Officer

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