Better leadership needed for improved health services

Delegates at the partners meeting

On the 21st of June 2012, the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) in Mpumalanga   and COSATU hosted a partners meeting in Ermelo to discuss access to health care in the province and a joint programme to educate the community and campaign against corruption in government.

In May 2012 TAC and COSATU met to discuss the programme and draw up a plan of action.  Both parties have agreed that the campaign will not just be a one day event but will be a long term event. The objective of this campaign is to achieve active citizenship.

Concerns that were raised during the meeting included:

  • Poor health infrastructure, recurring drug shortages and human resources shortages have a negative effect on the provision of quality health services to communities.
  • The decision by the provincial legislature to phase out mobile clinics is very concerning and will become a major obstacle for access to health care for rural communities who live very far from health facilities.
  • The basis for the allocation of R11 million for the National Health Insurance pilot project.

Key resolutions from the meeting:

  • The establishment of a Civil Society Forum for Mpumalanga  that will monitor corruption in the province. The forum will also monitor the service delivery protest in the province.
  • The group will continue to advocate for the regular seating of ward meetings and ward committees.
  • TAC will do community dialogues through their branch specific activities in conjunctions with other civil society organisations.

The two organisations called for;

  • Lines of communication between the community and ward councillors need to be established and strengthened.
  • The Mpumalanga Premier is called to chair the Provincial AIDS Council and ensure that all District and Local AIDS councils are functioning.
  • All acting positions in the department of health need to be filled as soon as possible.