COSATU march against labour brokers in Witbank

A Living Wage NOW!

“It makes sense for you to get me a job and I pay you a fee for that, but for you to consistently take a lion share of my salary every month is totally evil and unacceptable”

COSATU organised a national march yesterday to protest against general socio-economic injustices against ordinary South Africans.  One message that was clear through the marches is that people are tired and want a solution now. Labour brokers, E-toll systems, unemployment, poverty continue to make life difficult for most people.

Mpumalanga protesters gathered in Witbank in their thousands to march against these injustices.

Civil Society organisations, including the Treatment Action Campaign, were also there in their numbers. Banners talking about health care services, poor education standards and infrastructure, lack of housing and many more  messages were seen on the plackards. It was not only about Labour brokers but everyone had a reason to be there and it was very interesting to see South Africans speaking with one voice.

Have a look at some of the action in pictures below.

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Large turn-out from all over Mpumalanga!

Gathering at LyneVillle Stadium before the march