TAC calls for decisive action from the National Department of Health and Treasury to prevent the collapse of the National Health Laboratory Service

In the face of the National Health Laboratory Services facing collapse due to non-payment which will lead to a great loss of lives and interruption of essential diagnostic services, TAC Gauteng held a demonstration ant the MEC of Health offices in Johannesburg yesterday (12 December 2011)with the intention of showing concern regarding the imminent disaster that is facing our health system. The MEC was not available to receive the memorandum from TAC, but she sent out her Chief of Staff Mr Malibongwe Khanjana to receive it on her behalf as she was in a meeting. This comes as a shock because the TAC Provincial Council had received confirmation from her that she will be available. This goes on to show the no-commitment our leaders have when it comes to hearing the voices of the people they are serving. One wonders how important that meeting was compared to hearing the people you are supposed to taking care of their wellness. The chief of staff conveyed a message from the MEC saying that she will arrange a meeting with TAC to discuss the issue, but at this point meetings and discussions are not going to make any difference as a very important institution that plays a great role in the management of amongst other TB and HIV is facing bankruptcy and collapse.

AboutLuckyboy Mkhondwane

Luckyboy Edison Mkhondwane (Lucky) is the PCR Coordinator, Ekurhuleni District, Gauteng. Prior to his current position he has worked as a VCT Counselor at Sead Clinic and later moved on to being part of the Treatment Literacy Team at TAC Gauteng in 2004. He was promoted to the position of Provincial Trainer in 2005 and subsequently became the Prevention and Treatment Literacy Coordinator in April 2008. Lucky was born on the 28th January 1976 in Duduza, about 40 kilometers East of Johannesburg and he still resides there with his mom and two siblings. Lucky is an openly gay male, living openly with HIV since his diagnosis in June 2002 and has a great passion in advocating for Access to Treatment and Human Rights. He is one of the Does HIV Look Like Me Ambassadors (doeshivlooklike me.org), a campaign aimed at HIV awareness and positive living for young people which is run by the USA based organization called Hope’s Voice and also one of the Ambassadors in the Positive Heroes Campaign (positiveheroes.org.za) His interests include reading, writing, surfing the net and photography. He has written articles for community newspapers and the TAC Magazine, Newsletter and Community Newspapers. He has made several tv appearances including being part of the in-studio support group on siyabonga the Community Media Trust tv programme. Lucky loves learning new languages and would like to have his many journals collected over the years to eventually become a book.